Who Runs This Tasty Site?

Tasty-Takes.com was created and is run by Mike and Chris Eaton. We both love to fish and love to drink beer and voila! Tasty-Takes was born. We are pleased to add to our permanent staff Aimee Eaton. She is a writer and a fisherwoman extraordinaire who married Mike in the summer of 2013 and we are happy to have her on board!

Chris Eaton:


Chris Eaton with a big chinook

Chris is currently working for Utility Services in Waterbury Vermont. He is a night fishing addict and for now his favorite species to fish for are bull trout and steelhead. When the brothers fish together Chris will land the bigger fish 7 out of 10 times. His current favorite beer is Black Butte Porter and his favorite animal is the liger.

Mike Eaton:


Mike Eaton with a schoolie striper

Mike is currently working as an Enrolled Actuary for Summit Benefit & Actuarial Services in Eugene, Oregon. Presently Mike is focused on landing a 40” striped bass on the fly rod. He has spent time living and fishing in Oregon, Colorado and New Hampshire. When the brothers fish together Mike will catch 3 times as many fish as Chris but they will all be tiny. His current favorite beer is Rogue Hazelnut Brown and he has a distinguished uni-brow.
Aimee Eaton

Aimee Eaton

Aimee Eaton

Aimee currently works as an assistant editor for the Crested Butte News. She is an accomplished freelance journalist and has published in the New York Times, Trail Runner, and The Fly Fish Journal among others. She recently published her first book, Collared: Politics and Personalities in Oregon’s Wolf Country. She is ridiculously fishy and is learning to love the power of the streamer.

Both of the brothers occasionally harness the power of the mustache.

If anyone would like to start a retirement plan or change your current retirement plan provider please contact mike@tasty-takes.com.

If anyone would like to contribute photos, beer reviews or any other content to Tasty-Takes.com please contact Chris@tasty-takes.com.
If anyone has an idea for a story or article please contact aimee@tasty-takes.com

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