River Brew Review: W’11 KGB

Widmer Brothers W'11 KGB Russian Imperial Stout

Location: Fly Tying Bench

Beer: Widmer Brothers W’11 KGB Russian Imperial Stout

I like to drink beer when I tie flies. I think that most people do, but for me they really go hand in hand. The nice thing about tying flies is that most of the time you do it in the comfort of your own home. This allows for a bit more leeway in the beer consumption arena. You don’t need to worry about driving home from the river after 12 hours in the sun with two pieces of beef jerky, a granola bar and a six pack. You can just sit at home and tie until you get too “tired”.

I have a friend that I worked with at the local ski shop, I was only a part timer, so I didn’t see him every day, but every day that I did work I would ask him what his plans were for the evening. Inevitably he would answer: “Mike, I am going to go home, tie flies, and drink until I black out.” That is verbatim. And he said that every time I asked. I am pretty sure that he didn’t actually do that every night (I would certainly recommend against it).

Widmer Brothers W'11 KGB Russian Imperial Stout

But we have all had those nights. You feel like having a couple of beers, but don’t feel like going out, add to that the fact that you lost two dozen flies last time out and next thing you know you are drinking and tying.

If you are so inclined, then I have a beer recommendation for you: Widmer Brothers W’11 KGB Russian Imperial Stout. This is a great winter tying beer. It is a very dark, very strong stout. Not only is the KGB delicious – cause it is – but it will also knock you on your keister. Although it may shorten you tying session it will certainly improve your creativeness behind the vice.


The KGB is very dark, with a dark brown foamy head.


The KGB smells very smoky and a bit peaty.


The KGB is a delicious stout, with a nice roasted malt flavor. It has a medium sized body and has medium carbonation which perfectly complements the flavor.


If you like stouts and want a stout that will put you on your butt definitely buy the W’11 KGB. The beer is delicious.

4 out of a Six Pack ©





Beer Stats:

Original Gravity:            21.5 degrees PLATO

Alc/Vol:                        9.3%

IBU:                             65 IBU

Brewery Location:        Portland, OR


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