River Brew Review: Kanc Country Maple Porter

Location: Nick’s fly tying bench
Beer: Kanc Country Maple Porter


Kanc Country Maple Porter

April has arrived in New Hampshire and with it came a fresh 6 inches of snow. Though this is great for the spring skiing season, it will push back the early season fishing on many of our local rivers and streams. As a result, it is back to the fly-tying bench with a local brew in hand.

It is surprisingly difficult to find a locally brewed beer in New Hampshire that you don’t have to purchase from the brewery itself. But yesterday, at a local deli, I stumbled upon a Maple Porter produced by the Woodstock Brewery and I thought it was deserving of a try. This beer is only sold in single “bomber” bottles and I think it is best enjoyed while tying a few of your favorite flies.

Now to the important stuff…

The full name of the beer is Kanc Country Maple Porter. It is a dark porter with a full-bodied flavor, hints of maple syrup and a smooth finish. The carbonation is light, as in most porters, and makes for a flavorful beer that is a pleasure to partake in. The alcohol content is right around 6%, which allows you to finish the full 22 oz. bottle without messing up too many flies, or losing sight, of those #18 or #20 emerger patterns you are tying.

The Kanc Porter is a seasonal run, and will be gone as soon as the maple sugaring season to come to an end, so make sure you don’t miss it. It is available at select local retailers in New Hampshire and at the brewery itself.

Brewery Info:

The Woodstock Brewery is a small operation located in Woodstock, New Hampshire, right down the road from Loon Mountain. The Woodstock Station is a favorite gathering spot of many local skiers, bikers, hikers and fisherman. A great place to sit back, sample some great beers and enjoy hardy, bar style grub.


Dark brown caramel color

The Kanc Porter has a malty, caramel porter smell with hints of maple syrup

This beer is best sipped and greets you with smooth porter taste and a sweet maple finish.

The Kanc Porter is a great beer to enjoy on a chilly spring night in New Hampshire. I have always been a fan of Porters, but the added sweetness of the maple syrup makes this beer a seasonal treat that should not be missed.

Beer Stats:

Original Gravity: 1.069

Alc/Vol:  6.0%

Brewery Location: North Woodstock, NH

Original Gravity: 1.069

Alc/Vol: 6.0%

Brewery Location: North Woodstock, NH

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