River Brew Review: New Belgium’s Mighty Arrow Pale Ale

Bull Trout Eyeing My Mighty Arrow

Location: Metolious River, Bull Trout Secret Spot
Beer: New Belgium Mighty Arrow Pale Ale


This past weekend Mike and I decided to target the ferocious Bull Trout and to help our quest, I brought a six pack of Mighty Arrow from New Belgium.  The weekend started with an early 5 am wake-up call to heavy rain, but after 2 hours of driving the sky cleared and we pulled up to the secret Bull Trout location. More then the weather had turned in our favor–the Bull Trout were ready to play.  You know the weekend is headed in the right direction when you get your first ever Bull Trout double.

Not a Bad Way to Start the Day!

After the third fish of the day it was time to crack open a bottle of Mighty Arrow from New Belgium.  New Belgium which is located in Fort Collins, Colorado has a few notable beers such as, Fat Tire and 1554.  Since they are located in CO, and I lived in a small CO ski-town for a few years, I was well acquainted with the brewery.  However, I had never tried its spring seasonal–Mighty Arrow.

Mighty Arrow is a pale ale that is available February through April.  It has a very citrusy and hoppy aroma that fills the nose.  However, the aroma overpowers the taste.  I was expecting a much stronger/bitter flavor but was pleasantly surprised by one that was more balanced and welcoming.  Since I am a not a Hop-Head, the beer tasted slightly bitter but finished smooth with a very light aftertaste.

New Belgium Mighty Arrow

The fishing excursion was a success with lots of Bull Trout caught.  Mighty Arrow definitely helped create the ideal fishing environment!  This beer is great for any springtime expedition, specially when the weather is starting to get nice.

Apperance: clear and orangey with a one inch thick head

Aroma: Citrus and hops, but smells louder than it tastes

Taste/Mouthfeel: Tingly on the taste buds with a hoppy but mellow flavor.  Balanced with light hops flavor in the aftertaste. There isn’t a lot of complexity to this beer.

Overall:  I think this is a great spring seasonal, it has the flavor and aroma that goes well with the first warm days of sunshine.  For non Hop Heads it is a great pale ale to enjoy.  For the Hop Heads I think that it is a little mellow but would be enjoyed.  It is definitely great of spring days out on the river.

Beer Stats

Style: Pale Ale

ABV: 6%

Hops: Target, Goldings, Cascade, Amarillo

Malts: Pale, Honey, Carmel

IBU: 34

3 out of a Six Pack

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