5 Great Microbrews In Cans

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

When most people think of microbrews they don’t think of cans.  However, you can find some delicious beers that are in cans and here is a list of 5 great ones:

Fullers London Pride


Fuller’s London Pride: This is a classic and acclaimed British beer from the last remaining family owned brewery in London. Link




New Belgium Fat Tire


New Belgium Fat Tire: This is a great amber ale that is delicious anytime of year.  Check out our River Brew Review HERE. Link




Oskar Blues G'Knight


Oskar Blues G’Knight: Originally known as Oskar Blues Gordon but they were required to change the name.  This is an Impreial Red/ Double IPA, packs a 8.7% Abv. and has tons of taste. Link




Sly Fox Pikeland Pils


Sly Fox Pikeland Pils: This is a German style Pilsner that is a great summer beer.  Extremely drinkable and tasty. Link




Young's Double Chocolate Stout


Young’s Double Chocolate Stout: A chocolate creamy stout, that’s all I have to say. Link




Here is the link to the article where I found this list. They give great food pairings to go along with these beers as well.

Click Here for Full Article

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