Fishing Win: A Double the hard way!

For the last two weeks I have been imposing on my parents’ hospitality and borrowing their boat. Their house is located on Pawtuckaway lake in NH, one of the best bass fisheries in the state. The weather has been mostly bad with a touch of good and the fishing has been a bit weird with water temps spiking up to almost 60 degrees two weeks ago and then dropping back down to the mid 50s this week.

Tonight it didn’t matter much, the smallies were eating and boy was it fun! On a drizzly, grey, foggy cool evening I landed my first ever double on the same lure.

These two smallmouth really wanted to eat that rainbow trout lure. I was lucky to land both of them, especially since their thrashing about busted the middle hook right off the Rapala.

All in all a pretty darn cool way to spend a damp evening.
Fishing Win!

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