New Belgium Introduces 3 New Beers

Somersault Ale


New Belgium has officially introduced their new summer seasonal, Somersault Ale, and two new Lips of Faith beers, Super Cru and Abbey Grand Cru.  They understand that some people might miss Skinny Dip but they think that once you taste Somersault you won’t miss it for long.  Somersault has a slightly citrus aroma, there is an apricot sweetness, a little ginger snap, and some oats giving you the complete circle of taste.  Super Cru is a strong beer coming in at 10%abv and is in honor of New Belgium’s 20th year as a brewery.  It is spiced with asian pear and has a little bit of Fat Tire in it.  Abbey Grand Cru is a re-release of an older beer and in the words of New Belgium, “It is big and bold and makes you want to drink with your pinkies up.”  For more on these beer releases visit New Belgium’s Brewing Blog.

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