Dale With a Nice Striper

Spending time on the East Coast has a lot of perks – home cooking, a bass boat at my disposal, and striped bass! This year I was able to come home a bit later and managed to catch the front end of the striper season.

Chris already posted some photos from my first foray into the salt down on Cape Cod, but this past Sunday I had a chance to go out with Captain Eliot Jenkins. Eliot’s boat, the “Yeah Buoy”, is perfect for fly fishing; it has a huge front casting deck, a super clean rear casting area, virtually nothing for your fly line to get caught on, and a huge 200 horse outboard motor to make sure that you are first to the fish.

The day looked promising from the start with acres and acres of bait and lots and lots of birds feeding. But the fish just didn’t cooperate, we saw two swirls on the day and that was it. For us the name of the game turned out to be blind casting our arms off to areas likely to hold fish. It paid off. Both Dale and I got into fish, we both managed to land out biggest striper of the season. Eliot is based out of Ipswich, Mass, but trailers his boat to wherever the fishing is best. Check out his website, and give him a call if you are interested in chasing stripers. Now is the time, the big boys will be hitting the coast any day now and there is nothing Eliot likes more than chasing monster striped bass.

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