America’s Oldest Brewery


Did you know that Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery? Because I sure as heck didn’t.  Yuengling (pronounced ying-ling) was started in 1829 as the Eagle Brewery in downtown Pottsville, PA by David Yuengling. It didn’t officially change its name to Yuengling until 1873.  What is most fascinating about Yuengling isn’t just that it has survived for almost 200 years and through Prohibition but rather its large growth over the past 25 years making it have a 1% market share of beer sold in the US (about the same share that Samuel Adams has) while only being available in 14 states.  That is right! It is only available in 14 states.  This is truly amazing.  To find out more about Yuengling’s amazing story I recommend that you read the full article here. Below is a video of Dick Yuengling talking about the brewery with some shots of the brewery itself, pretty awesome! Oh, and Yuengling is German for “young Man”, most people think it is Chinese.


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