Beer Can Save Your Life! Is there Anything it Can’t Do?

Pints For Prostates PSA Test

Gary Robson’s love of great beer potentially saved his life.  Gary is a freelance writer with over 20 books in print, he is owner of Red Lodge Books in Red Lodge, Montana and he likes good beers.  In 2009 Gary and his wife traveled to the first annual Denver Rare Beer Tasting that was put on by Pints For Prostates.  He chatted with Pints For Prostates founder Rick Lyke who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer which was then successfully removed in 2008.  Rick decided that he wanted to get the word out about prostate cancer and figured one of the best ways to educate men was to do it with a beer in hand.  The message was effectively communicated to Gary and when he went in for a physical he specifically asked the doctor for a PSA test (see the above graphic). His request for the PSA test may have saved his life; all other tests indicated that he did not have prostate cancer, but the PSA test came back positive. Thanks to the early diagnosis Gary had a successful surgery to remove the cancer. Essentially good beer helped save his life.

Denver Rare Beer Tasting 2011

After learning about Gary’s experience I would like to recommend a couple of things.  First off, you should check out Gary’s blog which talks about a little bit of everything, from books to beer to cancer (you can check it out by clicking this LINK). My second suggestion is to check out the Pints For Prostates website and see if they are having any fund-raising events near you.  Not only will they most likely have great beer but you will also be helping out a great cause. This year’s Denver Rare Beer Tasting will be taking place  September 30, 2011.

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