Need a Canoe? Here Are Some Options

Build a Woodstrip Canoe with Nick Offerman (AKA – Ron Swanson)

Apparently Nick Offerman had some spare time on his hands and learned how to build a woodstrip canoe.  He shows you how to do it in a How To Video for Bear Mountain Boats.  More about this at this LINK. (He looks so much better with the mustache!)

If You Are In The Market For a Canoe


Then you should check out 3 articles by the guys over at Musket Creek. The articles are on the Musket Creek Blog which is super informative and fun.

The first article talks about materials.

The second article talks about sizes and designs.

The third article talks about gearing up your canoe.

Being able to get out on a boat makes bodies of water extremely accessible and a canoe can be an inexpensive way to make it happen.  I highly recommend checking out your local Craigslist and classifieds.

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