River Brew Review: Full Sail Session Black

I recently had the chance to fish the Owyhee River in eastern Oregon and since the temperature is normally through the roof out there I definitely needed to bring some beer to help me cool down.

Since it is always so hot on the Owyhee I didn’t want anything real heavy, I wanted something that would go down smooth and be nice and refreshing. While perusing the beer selection at a grocery store on my way out I noticed Session Lager, then I noticed Session Black. Since Session is so drinkable and refreshing I thought I might give the Session Black a try; being a lager it shouldn’t be too heavy and being a Session beer I knew it was going to be drinkable.

The Session Black was great choice – the beer was smooth and refreshing while having just a bit more depth than your standard lager. It was like drinking a very smooth and flavorful light beer. Not only did it provide incredible refreshment but the taste had me coming back for more. Perfect!

I don’t know if it’s for encouragement or what but they seem to have put a small fish on every bottle. It certainly worked for me!

Appearance: Well, since I was on the river I didn’t get a chance to give this beer a pour, I just enjoyed right from the bottle. The bottle, if you haven’t seen it is a grenade. Pretty cool.

Smell: Good. Dark but light? Deep but shallow? Smells like a lager with some taste. Slightly malty and sweet, maybe a hint of chocolate.

Taste/Mouthfeel: Bet you can’t guess how I am going to describe it – smooth. I know I was really stretching with that one. Seriously though the beer is smooth and easy to drink, just like its lighter sibling it is very Sessionable, it goes down easy with a very pleasant darker, roasty taste.

Overall: I like Session Dark Lager. It tries to be an easy drinking beer with fuller flavors and it succeeds. If you are looking for a beer that you can drink all day, but don’t want a standard lager this is the beer for you.

5 out of a Six Pack Scale ©

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