What Would You Do If You Were Face to Face With a Mountain Lion?

Mountain Lion

Well a Utah Man found himself in this very situation.  He was working on his driveway when the mountain lion approached. And what did he do? He kicked the Mountain Lion right in the head (that takes some major cajones).  Not only does he get to tell everyone that he took on a mountain lion face to face but he also gets to show off the fang mark that the lion left on his toe. Unfortunately, he was wearing crocs when he kicked the lion (I would probably leave this part out of the story, really, who wears crocs except babies and kayakers?) and one of the lion’s fangs went through and cut his toe.

Still, how many people can boast that they took on a mountain lion and won? For more info Click Here.

PS – I know this doesn’t have anything to do with beer or fishing but I had to give the guy props!

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