River Brew Review: Full Sail Session Fest Premium Red Lager

Session Fest LabelAnyone who likes easy drinking delicious beer has probably heard of Full Sail’s Session Lager and Session Black Lager; recently I was perusing my local liquor store and noticed a new Session offering from Full Sail – Session Fest.

Session Fest 12 Packs

Given that it has been snowing like crazy and that temperatures have been in the negatives for the last week or so it sadly looks like fishing season is pretty much over. Not to say that I won’t head out for some ice fishing with T-Bone, or that I won’t find myself up at the Catch and Release on one of the warmer days here in the near future, but the opportunity to fish 3+ days a week is pretty much gone until March at the earliest. Lucky for me I have a full twelve pack of Session Fest and a dusty tying vise to help keep me occupied.

Copper Johns
One of my goals for the winter is to actually tie a surplus of flies for the coming summer. I am mainly a need based tier, once my box is empty I hit up the vise. This winter is going to be different, this winter I am going to fill the fly box! With Session Fest close at hand I have been hitting the vise. First up Copper Johns!

Copper JohnSession Fest is a red lager, and like the other two Session beers it is easy drinking and delicious. With a bit more of a kick than regular Session or the Black Lager at 6.2% ABV you will get to the fun zone a little quicker with Fest. Which, since its a holiday beer, is to be expected.
Session Fest Pour
Appearance: A nice dark amber/light red color with a very thick and creamy white head. No recession and very little lacing as you drink.

Smell: Fairly sweet with definite hints of caramel.

Taste/Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with lots of bubbles. A nice red flavor with a smooth caramel intro and a nice easy finish.

Overall: Definitely an easy drinking beer, lives up to its name – very sessionable. For a holiday beer I like it because it isn’t over spiced, many holiday beers taste like a bucket of potpourri, but Session is simple and smooth.

4 out of a Six Pack Scale©

4 out of a Six Pack Scale©

IBU: 26
ABV: 6.20%
Brewed in Hood River, Oregon
For more information check out their website at http://www.fullsailbrewing.com/

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