River Brew Review: Kannah Creek Brewing Company Lands End Amber Ale

I am trying to get back into reviewing a beer a week, so last weekend I stopped by the liquor store and picked up the first beer that caught my eye – Kannah Creek Brewing Company Lands End Amber Ale. They describe this as a German-Style Altbier that balances specialty malts and three different types of hops.

Lands End on the Gunnison

However they describe it, the Lands End Amber Ale is a nice beer. Not unbelievable, but fairly tasty. I brought these out for a couple of days on the Gunnison and they were perfect for kicking back while the boy ate some food or played on his blanket.

George ChillinBrown3_Aug16

The Kannah Creek Brewery is over in Grand Junction and I’ll be sure to stop by there the next time I swing through town. Check out the label pics below – these guys are clearly having fun in the outdoors, and I can definitely get behind a company with that type of culture.

Lands End Amber Ale Label 1Lands End Amber Ale Label 2

Lands End Amber Ale Pour
Appearance: Clear amber with lots of bubbles. Huge foamy head, cream colored, erupted out of the top of the glass a bit. Thick lacing down the glass as you drink.

Smell: Sweet and clean, floral hints, not very aromatic.

Taste/Mouthfeel: Malty up front with a very round sweet middle. Has a hoppy dry finish.

Overall: Good. Not my favorite beer ever, but I’m glad I picked it up. Drinkable and balanced definitely worth trying, especially if you are a fan of Ambers.

3 out of a Six Pack ©

3 out of a Six Pack ©

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 28
Brewery: Kannah Creek Brewery, Grand Junction, CO

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