River Brew Review: Bitch Stout Wild Ride Brewing

bitch stoutI bought a growler of Bitch Stout by Wild Ride Brewing in Redmond, OR to take to Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to bring a darker beer and a lighter beer and this fit the bill for the dark. It also packs a punch and seemed exactly like what I was looking for at the time. A beer to help me forget that we weren’t going to be able to take the trailer for a test ride over Thanksgiving.

We were so close to being ready to test out the trailer and truck. We bought the trailer. We had it delivered with no issues. We bought the truck. We got it home with no problems. We thought we were home free. Ready to hit the road. We were wrong.

Our home for the next year.

Our home for the next year.

Everyone reading this should take note – when you buy a ten year old trailer and a twelve year old truck you shouldn’t (I would say that you can’t, but we definitely did so it is clear that you can) expect to be able to just hit the road. Yes we spent more than we were planning on the truck and trailer combined, (not by much) but more than we were planning doesn’t correlate to getting a truck and trailer that were issue free. Our stuff has issues. And since we are complete newbies to the whole 5th wheel trailer/giant diesel truck game we were completely blind sided.

To be honest our issues aren’t bad, they were just incredibly disappointing. When you have been spending every second of your free time trying to find the perfect truck and trailer to live in for the next year once you get them all you want to do is try them out!

Luckily for us Aimee’s mom has an extra bedroom, so we smashed our hopes and dreams of sleeping in our trailer on Thanksgiving and piled in the Tundra to head to Corvallis for a great turkey day! There I proceeded to enjoy a few glasses of Bitch Stout and some solid family time.

bitch stout pour

Appearance: Really dark. I am once again reviewing the second to last glass out of the growler, but I paid attention this time and it never poured with a head. The bubbles are dark tan and what little head was there dissipated almost immediately.

Smell: I don’t get a strong scent off of this beer. Malty with a bit of caramel. A little boozy.

Taste/Mouthfeel: Smooth. Tastes very roasted with hints of caramel. Tastes a bit boozy, not enough to be a turn off, but enough so you know you’re drinking! I had this from a growler, but their website says that it is normally served on nitro, which I can imagine would be amazing.

OVerall: Good! I like the name, I like the beer and I would really like to try it on a nitro tap. This definitely hit the spot before, during and after Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws.

4 out of a Six Pack Scale©

4 out of a Six Pack Scale©

ABV: 7%
IBU: 55
OG: 17
TG: 3.7
Brewery: Wild Ride Brewing, Redmond, OR

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