Fun Fact: Beer Helps Hydrate You Better Than Water

This is every beer lover’s fantasy come true, beer is better than water for hydrating you after strenuous activity! This is especially important for you fisherman out there.  After you pull in that fish of a lifetime remember to hydrate properly, grab a beer.  You know what? It doesn’t even have to be after a fish of a lifetime, you can grab a beer anytime you are feeling parched – after rowing your boat, walking to the river, making a few casts, or even stepping on your trolling motor. Just remember – you need to hydrate.

The study was done by researchers at Granada University in Spain.  They noted that “the bubbles in beer can help quench thirst and the carbohydrates in the beverage can help make up for burned calories”.  Even more amazing is that beer has been recommended by a cardiologist to some professional sports teams. For the full article click here

Just remember it’s not only fun to celebrate a catch with a beer – it’s healthy!!


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