New Hampshire Fly Reel Legend Passes Away at 92

Stan E. Bogdan the creator of the S.E. Bogdan Fly Reels passed away a week ago Sunday.  He was an innovator and artist with his work. S.E. Bogdan Fly Reels are some of the most beautiful and sought after fly reels in the history of Fly Fishing.

S.E. Bogdan Trout Reel

These reels are so highly prized that they actually cost more used than they do new.  The S.E. Bogdan Reels are not only beautifully crafted works of art but they are amazingly smooth and effective reels. If you are lucky enough to own a S.E. Bogdan Reel then you  understand that the value of these reels truly comes from the craftsman who built them, Stan E. Bogdan.

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