River Brew Review: Six Pack Scale

4 out of Six Pack

We here at Tasty-Takes were trying to come up with an easy, fun way to express how much we enjoy each beer that we review. The solution was the Six Pack Scale. For each beer that is reviewed the reviewer will rank how much he liked or disliked the beer on a scale of 1 to 6. Pretty simple, right?

Six out of Six:
Unbelievable. Upon drinking you see double rainbows everywhere. You can put casts anywhere you want. The fish eat anything that you put in the water and they are all over 20″ long. The best thing I have ever tasted.

For the full Six Pack Scale

Five out of Six:
Wow! This beer ranks as one of your favorites. If someone were to show up at your house unannounced they would find 3 fridges fully stocked with this beer. A beer that you love.

Four out of Six:
Mmmmm… delicious. This beer might not count as one of your favorites, but there is no doubt that you would buy it again. And you would definitely recommend it to friends. A beer that you seriously enjoy.

Three out of Six:
Hey – that’s pretty good! A pleasant surprise, a beer that tickled the taste buds and went down easy, but that you probably won’t buy on a regular basis. You might have one or two is someone offers, but you would only seek this beer out every once in a while.

Two out of Six:
Yup – that’s beer. So maybe not your favorite, or even something that you enjoyed at all. You can appreciate the craftsmanship, and the work put into the beer, but for you it missed the mark. You are glad that you tried it, but that’s about it.

One out of Six:
Are you sure that’s beer? This is a beer that you managed to drink. But only because you are too tough to admit defeat. Simply put – a beer that you do not like. Would not buy again, ever.

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