Our Weekly Tie: How to Tie a Woolly Bugger

Mike demonstrates how to tie a Woolly Bugger. Woolly Buggers are one of the easiest flies to tie and they work great in every body of water. When I ask the question “if you had one fly what would it be?” almost every experienced guide tells me Woolly Bugger (they might differ on the color but still I think that says something). PS: Go Bruins!

Woolly Bugger

hook sz 4-10
Tail: maribou (any color you feel like) and flashibou
Rib: copper wire
Body: Chenille (any color you want) typically medium or large
Saddle Hackle
Thread: match to the fly color 6/0-3/0

If there is a fly that you would like to see tied please email Mike@Tasty-Takes.com

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