“10 Reasons Why PBR Doesn’t Suck” I am Listening

Here is a great article that gives 10 reasons why PBR doesn’t suck.  This might be hard for some of you to swallow but I agree with this article.  The Article comes from Beer, Food, Geekitude. Here are a couple of my favorite reasons why it doesn’t suck.

9.)It Goes With Any Occasion – “Hanging in the backyard with the neighbors?  Have a Pabst!  Going to a gallery opening?  Pabst!  Frat party? Go get a life!  But seriously, PBR will make you look cool anywhere you are.”

5.) City Wide Specials – “I don’t know about you other cities, but in Philadelphia we have an amazing thing called a city-wide special.  Generally this consists of a 12oz can of PBR, with a shot of whiskey.”

2.)It’s better than a kick in the nuts – “Not that I know from experience, but I assume so.”

To Check out the full article click here.

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