Beer as a Dessert, Nice! Beer as an Actual Dessert, Biramisu, Huh?

Biramisu, What?

So I have had a beer as a dessert before and I have even heard about having a beer float (I still need to try one of these) but I had never heard of a Biramisu.  This beer as dessert concoction sounds interesting but I don’t know if I trust it.  Tiramisu is pretty good but I only have some if someone else makes it or orders it.  Now you might be able to convince me to have a Biramisu because it has beer in it but for some reason I can’t seem to get excited about making it at home (which means if I saw it on the menu I would definitely order it just to try it but would be extremely hesitant). If you want to try to make one follow the link to the recipe and make sure that you email me the results.

Click here for Recipe

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