River Brew Review: Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Sierra Nevada SummerFest

Beer: Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Location: Couch/bar watching the Stanley Cup Finals

Bruins are Stanley Cup Champions

The rivers are still raging and unfortunately we do not currently have a boat, therefore we haven’t been getting out fishing as much as we would like.  However, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have been on TV and being a Bruins fan I have definitely needed some beer to drink and I chose Sierra Nevada Summerfest. The weather is getting nice and Summerfest was the right choice.  The Bruins needed me to cheer my loudest and Summerfest helped, not only quench my thirst, but to also enjoy the beautiful weather.  The Bruins won and I am still in shock but I can tell you one thing–I truly enjoyed Summerfest and cannot wait to bring it fishing with me.

Appearance: very light with a pilsner color.

Aroma: light and clean, not too hoppy

mouthfeel: light, easy flavor, slightly tingly, very easy to drink.  There isn’t much of an after taste, it is only after you pay attention to your tongue do you realize that there are layers of flavor with hops showing their way through.

Overall: I can’t wait to bring this beer out on the water with me.  It is a delicious summer ale that is considered a pilsner style lager.  I will bring on the first really hot day, since Summerfest is so drinkable it is going to go down easy while in nice weather.  For me and my bro this means that we need to get a 12 pack instead of a 6 pack (we will still need to be able to drive home).

4 out of a Six Pack ©

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