Here Are a Couple Beer Recommendations For the Weekend

Metolious Brewing Co. Golden Stone Amber

The first recommendation for those of you that are in the Northwest (it is going to be an amazing weekend) is Metolius Brewing Co. Golden Stone Amber Ale.  It is a refreshing amber that will help cool you down over the hot weekend.

Narragansett Bock

The second beer recommendation is for those of you on the East Coast hitting the water this weekend.  When Mike was back home a couple of weeks ago (please excuse his creepy mustache in the picture above) he drank some Narragansett Bock, from Narragansett Brewery, while fishing for stripers on the Cape.  Not only was it delicious but they caught a bunch of stripers too.

If you have any beer recommendations we would love to hear about them.  Send us pics if you have them and a quick note about the brew to

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