Why It Is Not Fun To Be A Whitefish On The Metolius river

That is a Big Mouth

So it really can’t be too fun being a Whitefish on the Metolius River.  Mike and I were fishing this past weekend and were able to get a lot of good underwater footage.  When we watched this one though it amazed us.  First off, there are about 6 large Bull Trout that try to eat the Whitefish right in the beginning and to make matters worse for the poor fella, two decide to continue going after it when it is right next to us.  Secondly, one of the Bull Trout gets annoyed with the camera and decides he wants to eat that too.  He actually attacks the camera 3 times but only two of the bites are visible on camera.  We are putting together a much larger film that will include a lot of amazing underwater footage.  We hope that you enjoy this little teaser.  Also, below are a couple of Rainbows we caught during the Green Drake hatch later in the day.  Enjoy!

Chris' Rainbow on a Green Drake Dry

Mike's Rainbow on a Green Drake Dry

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