Back at the Vise

This winter I tied flies. I wouldn’t say that I was a tying machine, I don’t tie very fast and overall I didn’t produce as many flies as I’d like, but I tied a bunch of flies. That is good for me since I am normally a 100% need based tier. I will wait until I desperately need a fly before tying a bunch, but this winter I got ahead of the game, at least a little. Copper Johns, Rubber Legs, Pheasant Tails, Midges, Prince Nymphs – all in different sizes and colors. Most of the time I managed at least a half dozen of each fly for Aimee and me.

Copper Johns
Now I have a 10 week old boy. You’d think that I would have ample time to continue tying, but so far it has been a struggle. The fly that you see below is a micro-mayfly that I started 3 weeks ago. We are deep into floating season and this spring I bought all the material to tie chubby chernobyls, but to date I haven’t even started one.

Micro Mayfly - in progress
I have time to tie. In fact I have lots of chunks of 30 minutes or so throughout the day, the issue is that I tie really slowly, so it takes some serious psych up for me to sit down at the vise, and most of the time lately I’d rather either fish or sleep!

But a couple of days ago we were at a local lake that we knew had carp. I hadn’t ever seen them feed, but while we were there it was a carp feeding frenzy! Those babies have to be 20+lbs so we came home did a little research and I got psyched enough to tie up these babies! We’ll probably get skunked, but it was fun to learn a new pattern and it’ll be exciting to chuck flies at huge fish!

Montana's Hybrid
Hopefully Aimee and I can get back on the tying wagon for good and bring out some new fly-tying videos. If anyone would like to see a specific pattern tied please let us know!

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