George’s Big Day Out!

Dark Canyon Trailhead

Aimee Fishing Dark CanyonAimee and I are determined to keep fishing, exercising and getting out even though, and often because, we have an infant to take care of. Our solution so far has been just to bring George along. Aimee will run with him in the Chariot, he will hang out in the pack for fishing or when we have to head to the bar to watch some World Cup soccer, but so far all of our outings have been pretty short. We are still learning how to take care of a baby, and are slowly figuring out what he needs in order to get in some longer trips.

This past Saturday we loaded up the truck, plopped George in the car seat and headed out to the Dark Canyon Trail. Aimee had never been there and although the fishing can be questionable the scenery is always incredible. We figured that even if the fishing was terrible we would get in a decent hike with the boy.

George on Blanket
The day was awesome. The fishing was fair, but the weather was perfect and George couldn’t have had more fun. While Aimee and I were picking up browns, rainbows and cutthroats on dries and small droppers he was sleeping in the pack, munching lunch and chilling on his blanket. He seemed to really like being outside and taking in the sights.

Dark Canyon BowDark Canyon Cut

All in all we were out of the house for more than eight hours, out on the trail and water for six-plus hours and the boy loved every minute of it. (Well…. maybe not every minute – he still doesn’t appreciate the fact that he has to get burped after eating.)

George in pack
Here’s to more adventures with the little man!

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