River Brew Review – Cave Creek Chili Beer

I wanted to title this post “The worst beer you’ve never tried” but I just couldn’t do it. There could be worse beers out there. And there might be people that actually love Chili Beer. I am definitely not one of them.

So. I like beer, I really do. Those of you who read this blog (cue crickets in the background) know that I don’t prefer pale ales, india pale ales and very hoppy beers. Generally I like lagers. They are easy to drink, and delicious after a long summer day on the water. This review is about a lager that I do not like. This review is about Cave Creek Chili Beer.

Chili Beer in Bottle

See that photo above, that is a bona fide jalapeno in the bottle. Yup, chile beer. Doug brought these babies over after finding them in the back of his girlfriend’s mom’s fridge. They are old, I mean really old and for some beer that might mean skunky, but in this case that just means even more spicy!

Chili Beer Best Before
I, being the fearless beer drinker that I am, drank one right away. Holy mouth on fire Batman! I managed to somehow choke down the whole beer, but I definitely offered sips to every person that I saw trying to get rid of it. At this point I have actually kept the three remaining beers for over six months while trying to work up my courage to drink another one and write this post.

So here we are in the middle of July, it is hot as Hades out there and I am drinking spicy beer that has just gotten spicier since I last drank one in December. I like beer, no one ever said I was smart.

Chili Beer in Glass
For those of you interested I have two left – please come on over and drink them.

Appearance: Looks like Budweiser with a pepper in it.

Smell: Smells like I just opened a can of Jalapenos. With maybe a little bit of beer, but really it just smells like peppers

Taste/mouthfeel: Starts like a lager, bubbly and fresh, then has a ridiculously spicy pepper place that sticks right in your throat. Yes, you pick up the spicyness first with your tongue and mouth but the heat really gets the back of your throat. I’m still sweating.

Overall: Really really spicy. Maybe it would be good in your next pot of chili?

1 out of Six Pack Scale

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