News: Backcountry Beer is getting better and better!

We all love beer and nothing tastes better than a nice, ice cold beer in the backcountry. But having that nice cold beer is rarely easy and perhaps that’s part of the appeal. Now, thanks to these two new inventions backcountry beer is getting easier by the second.

The first invention is beer from gel packs. Check out this review of gel pack beer by GearJunkie. Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has developed a portable beverage carbonator, couple that with some gel flavor packets and presto changeo you have cold crisp refreshing beer in the backcountry without having to lug that bomber or six pack around til you get thirsty. Aimee and I are planning a hike over to Aspen at some point this fall, I might have to give one of these babies a test ride!

backcountry beverages.jpg

The second invention has less of an application to the hiking backcountry, but is perfect for those backcountry float trips. The Itinerant Angler breaks down the use of a stainless steel mini keg and your local growler bar to bring your favorite micro brew on any float trip. I think growler bars are rad and this new mini keg is supposed to keep beer bubbly for up to a week, not that it will last that long!


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