River Brew Review: Baxter Brewing, Co. Tarnation

Tarnation labelAimee and I recently spent 10 days on the East Coast and although we would have loved to just fish and sample the plethora of incredible craft brews, work, babies and family were the priority. I did have time for just one beer review, although thanks go out to all the folks who dropped off beers for me to try.

Chris brought me Tarnation California Style Lager, made by Baxter Brewing Co. in Lewiston, Maine. Apparently they have a Pale Ale that is to die for, but knowing that I don’t love the Pale Ales he brought me their craft lager instead.

I don’t really have any pictures for this beer, we pounded a few after biking some super fun trails, and I hit up a couple sitting on the beach, enjoying the 80 degree weather and watching the kids play in the lake. Luckily I had one left to review on my last night in New Hampshire. I sat down to tie my dad a couple of big black bass poppers and cracked a Tarnation.

Appearance: Well, since I hammered these out of the can – blue with a dude relaxing with his pickaxe? From what I could see it looks like a darker lager – almost an amber color.

Smell: Also didn’t get the big smell that you get when you pour into a glass but from what I could glean it is malty with a dash of hops.

Taste: For a lager I would say – thick and tangy. Had more of the grassy/hay hop in it than I would expect. Kind of surprising for a lager. For me it was fun to enjoy a couple while I was back on the east coast but I wouldn’t call it sessionable.

Overall: Ok. Not my favorite but super cool to try a craft lager while back on the east coast. This was my first California Style Lager and I’d like to try another to see if this is par for the course or a different take on a style that I thought I would like.

3 out of a Six Pack ©

3 out of a Six Pack ©

ABV: 5.3%
Brewery: Baxter Brewing Co. Lewiston, ME

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