Greasy Beaks 2014 Video!

Check out this edit from Captain Eliot Jenkins at Greasy Beaks Fly Fishing. If you look at 1:20 you’ll even see Aimee hooking and landing the fish of the day during our last striped bass trip, a 32″ striper on a 6 wt.

Greasy Beaks 2014 1080p from Greasy Beaks on Vimeo.

If you are interested in fishing for striped bass, bluefish or false albacore in New England you should definitely look up Capt. Eliot and Greasy Beaks. He also guides for steelhead, rainbows and browns in upstate NY. You can check out his blog here. And click here to read the false albacore trip report about our trip this fall.

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