Announcement! The Big Year Begins January 1, 2015!

Who's psyched?!

Who’s psyched?!

Tasty-Takes is hitting the road! Well Mike, Aimee and George are at least. Aimee and I decided that we wanted to take a year and drive across the US, exploring new watersheds and fishing for all the species that were fun to catch on the fly rod. I think that we have everything covered, but you can check out the proposed map of our travels with a list of locations and species that we’ll be targeting at If you have any additional suggestions please pass them on!

Raising Gus is the name of the project, now if you are really onto things you will have noticed that our son’s name is actually George. Yeah, we are pretty sure that all of our readers will think that his name is Gus, and that’s ok. We went with the name Raising Gus because we liked the sound of it and because we both love the River Why by David James Duncan – Gus is the main character who has been raised by two fishing crazed parents. It’s a great read and if you haven’t checked it out you should.

Awkward family fish photo. The first of many.

Awkward family fish photo. The first of many.

The kick off date for this project is January 1, 2015 so right now we are heavy into planning mode. We have some fly-fishing partners on board and we are incredibly excited to be working with American Rivers. From their website – “American Rivers protects wild rivers, restores damaged rivers, and conserves clean water for people and nature.” See more at:

George checking out his Dad's back cast.

George checking out his Dad’s back cast.

We are always looking for more help and information, so if you have something that you want to offer or contribute let us know! We are looking for everything from fishing and camping beta to the best gear and clothes for George to truck and trailer know-how.

He's up for it! Even if he's not sure about the sanity of his parent.

He’s up for it! Even if he’s not sure about the sanity of his parents.

See you on the road!

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